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Dr. Reem Al-Shammari

Kuwait Oil Company
Chief Information Security Officer
Dr. Reem Al-Shammari, Information Security Team Leader at Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait. She is a leader who have made a huge change to the maturity of the Oil and Gas sector cyber security which plays a critical role to her country’s national cybersecurity in a very short time, Dr. Reem has leveraged capabilities of Kuwait Oil company (one of the world’s leading Oil & Gas Companies that comprises a huge and complex highly integrated IT & OT systems whose confidentiality, availability and integrity are paramount for business operations) by leading several initiatives going through all limitations and constrains. She is a very passionate leader whom had worked hard despite all challenges to do remarkable positive impacts reaching national, regional and international levels in Cyber Security in a very remarkable timeframe.

Dr. Al-Shammari had successfully achieved CyberSecurity success stories in positioning her company as a Strategic leading company in the Kuwait Oil &Gas sector and in national Cyber Security Committees as well as presenting Kuwait’s O&G in regional CyberSecurity Committees and forums. Addition to that, she is leading various initiatives at national, regional and international levels including being a Cofounder of the Women in CyberSecurity Middle East (WiCSME) Group “+470 members” and the Lead of Kuwait Affiliate of this WiCSME Group. She is also presenting the Oil and Gas sector in Academic Advisory Committees serving her society by leading programs development to update colleges’ curriculums with up-to-date market needs.

In the organization as well in the industry, she’s recognized as an “Innovator” and “Wild Card” who is known to innovate and continues to ‘push the envelope’ to get to the most optimum outcome on an initiative or a project. She has approached CyberSecurity field from a tailored view that embraced engineering perspective (as she had completed Bachelor degree in Computer engineering with Hons.) along with management perspective (as she did her MBA (with Hons) and PhD thesis was built on Quality Management implementation in the Kuwaiti Oil Sector). Injecting this mixture of academic knowledge into technical work environment improved her technical and leadership skills in her current CISO role.